Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Duke Street revisited

The splendid acacia tree in Duke Street referred to in an earlier post here, is currently look very sorry for itself.

Acacias originate in warmer climes and in England may behave as semi-deciduous, i.e the extent of leaf loss is governed by winter temperatures. This particular specimen has recovered from bad winters in the past, but the winter 2010/11 seems to have been particularly severe.  One hopes for the best. . .


  1. I remember this so well. In 1970 I met an American girl from Boston and we stayed with my parents in Hove. And, of course, she had to go back after what seemed like all summer long.

    We had a coffee in a coffee bar in, or around Duke Street and the juke box played "Leaving on A Jet Plane" by Peter, Paul and Mary.

    Memories don't die; nor do Acacias which are resilient little buggers.

  2. When I first moved to Brighton in late summer 2009, this tree was a wonderful sight. Now, it looks a bit woe-begone but still alive, like many of us in Brighton in this apres-recession political climate! Not sure what it was about this past winter, but my "hardy" fuscias have died, and my berry bushes would whinper if they had the strength! I truly hope Marginalia is right, and that this acacia is one of the "resilient little buggers". I always felt it was a symbol of the adaptability and warmth of spirit of the area's traders. Fingers crossed!


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