Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A 1916 advert.

Although today £3 3s seems a derisory amount, in 1916 it was nearly 4 times the average weekly wage of 16s 9d, putting  "Millionaire's Row" completely out of reach of the average wage earner. Today the average wage is  £500 per week and I guesstimate a Hove Seaside Villa, if available, would attract a rent of about £1000 per week, now only twice average wage.

Progress of a kind maybe. . . .

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

7 Ship Street Gardens

View from the west
Planning application BH2013/03429 proposes the demolition and rebuilding of these two quirky shops in the twitten that links Middle Street and Ship Street in the Old Town Conservation Area.

The present building first appears in the street directories in 1862 when it was occupied by a fruiterer. It was probably built on a yard or garden between nos. 6 & 8 which go back to 1856. The asbestos roof will not have been added until the 1940's or later. The proposed replacement design preserves the variation in roof line but, because a change in use to an office is also intended, only a wall and door will be presented to the twitten. This will sadly degrade the visual liveliness of the scene and the loss of retail space will reduce the footfall in the twitten. The latter factor is of special concern in that, in this type of restricted  environment, it is likely to lead to a loss of general security.

View from the east.
Proposed office building.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Subversive Design

"Chopper" 2008 by Richard Slee
The winter exhibition at the Museum, which continues until March 9, comes with a warning -  "this exhibition examines provocative and challenging themes and includes some images of nudity, violence and sex." In other words it's great fun and well worth a visit. 

"Lathe v Red", Sebastian Brajkovic, 2008.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013