Friday, 4 March 2011

Does this make you as cross as it does me?

Several bags of miscellaneous kitchen rubbish dumped  alongside the footpath that runs behind Braeside Avenue, Patcham, near to Horsdean Recreation Ground. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans etc. Some bags torn open, maybe by animals, some unopened. No vehicle access. An animal might have dragged one bag there, but several?

This is the kind of thing travellers did in Patcham Place a few years ago. They did at least have the faint excuse of no regular rubbish collection.


  1. Yes. One of the biggest problems we have around here (a Suffolk village where Gainsborough once painted a picture) is that some local dog-owning idiots have got the bit about picking up dog poo in a plastic bag, but not the bit about taking it home with you. They stuff bags of poo into the nearest hedge, all along a footpath used by primary schoolchildren on their way to and from the community woodland. We've given up wondering what they imagine happens to poo in plastic bags. Maybe they think the poo fairies deal with it. Instead, it's local volunteers with strong stomachs. There are two poo bins within a couple of hundred yards of the hedges around the village playing field. Perhaps they think it will fly there of its own accord?

    Just as disgusting: the local radio station has been campaigning about "tossers" for some time. There are strips of road verge along the A12 near here where passing lorry drivers regularly chuck plastic drinks bottles full of pee. Makes you wish there were the resources for DNA testing, before catching them and administering an appropriate form of punishment. Suggestions on a postcard please.

  2. That sound much worse Margaret. What idiots.

  3. Strange isn't it. This behaviour makes me boil. I don't understand it. Are people so blinkered that they don't see how what they do despoils their countryside.

    We have a huge fly tipping problem in Walthamstow. The place is littered with mattresses (a large rented sector; building debris and household waste.


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