Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Shelter Hall - June 2019

The Rotunda at Kings Road level now has its windows.

The first of the Neptune head decorations is being fitted to the arched openings on the lower promenade.

From what can be seen of it so far the design looks excellent and highly sympathetic to the existing seafront arches. The quality of the brickwork is particularly striking.

The work is scheduled to be completed this year. It looks as if it might be a close thing.

A New View

The Hannington Lane development has fortuitously opened up a nicely framed view of the copper-clad, dolphin-crowned spire of the Street Thai restaurant in Brighton Square.

This passageway always existed but was gated and passed under the first floor of 16 Brighton Square. Credit to the architect who has opted not to reinstate the first floor in this area and so provided this engaging new perspective.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

WSPU Plaque unveiled.

The successfully crowdfunded plaque to mark the site of the WSPU offices at the Clock Tower was unveiled yesterday by Caroline Lucas MP.

Site of plaque on 'White Stuff' frontage
Suffragettes in attendance

The weather was fine, a substantial crowd was in enthusiastic attendance and the unveiling was followed by a reception at the Chapel Royal for the 200+ contributors.

For background info see: Help to honour Brighton's Suffragettes.