Monday, 14 March 2011

The Amex Stadium

From the Drove, Falmer. Something for the Seagulls' supporters . . . . .  I like the blue roof and the way the structural curves reference, intentionally or otherwise, the shape of the Downs.
See also earlier view.


  1. It makes a striking and enchanting balance of nature and human creation. Great photograph.

  2. Great photo. I went past this on the bus yesterday and it did strike me how the structure seems to nestle, if a stadium can ever be said to nestle, in the folds of the surrounding downs.
    Quite how cosy it will look when it's fully functional and crammed with spectators is a different pot of earl grey!

  3. Thank you Gigi :) One hopes the spectators won't be too conspicuous once they are in their seats ;)


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