Saturday, 12 March 2011

A new footpath to St. Nicholas?

Few people enjoy this view because it is only obtained from the far south-east corner  of the St. Nicholas Green Space which, being overshadowed by buildings on two sides, is rarely visited even in summer. 

The redevelopment proposed for the derelict skating rink at the top of Queen Square provides a unique opportunity to change this. If the developers could be persuaded to provide a permissive passageway from the top of Queen Square to the churchyard it would open up an attractive pedestrian route from the Churchill Square area towards the Seven Dials, avoiding the steep climb up Dyke Road. If the path took the form of a well-lit passage way under the first floor of the proposed hotel the proportion of total floor space diverted from hotel use would be small but the increased footfall in the area would benefit the proposed ground floor restaurant. 

The Council is very keen to increase the proportion of pedestrian journeys about the City. Here is a very practical example of where they could intervene to that end.

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  1. That's a very beautiful view, I love that area of town, spent a couple of hours there last summer. Enjoying - if that's the right word - the messages, epitaphs and the like on the gravestones there.

    That idea of a walk way is a great one, I only hope the council will hear such things and stipulate it must be adopted in the plans.


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