Monday, 20 September 2010

Seafront maintenance

I have posted on this subject before, here & here.  Also written to the Council. But every visit to the seafront seems to reveal a new area of neglect and reawaken concern. This photo was taken at the head of steps from the Madeira Terraces, I dread to think what the seaward side looks like; and I publish it party to relieve my feelings, but also with the slight hope that it might go viral and eventually pop-up on a few councillors' desktops. 

It is easy, I know, to blame the Council for this situation: and the railings do pose especially expensive problems, being of cast-iron and with only one side easily accessible; but it is uniquely their problem and one wonders if they are really facing up to it. 

I know they will talk about "demands on budget",  "prioritising expenditure", etc.  But do they have a long term plan for the railings they are slowly working towards? Or are they "Micawber-like" hoping that something will "turn-up"on the financial front to save them? If they intend the railings to be saved it is surely never too soon to make a start however small; and then proceed steadily in increments tailored to the available budget. Maybe I am speaking out of turn; work has started and the increments are simply too small to be readily observed. It would be reassuring to be told I think. . . . 

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