Monday 5 July 2010

Brighton's seafront railings

Brighton & Hove News reports that the seafront railings are to be painted by offenders:-

"For the next fortnight, offenders working through Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust’s Community Payback scheme will be working between the piers, going over the area painted last year to touch up rust spots caused by winter weather, and then work eastwards from the Sea Life Centre towards Kemp Town."

Unfortunately, in some places the rust "spots" are of long-standing and caused by more than one winter's weather. More than simple "touching-up" would seem to be necessary if the iron-work is to be saved long-term.

I suspect the problem lying behind the gradual deterioration of the Victorian seafront is that there is no "glory" for the Council in carrying-out unglamourous regular maintenance. They would prefer to simply let things rot until they are beyond simple maintenance, and then, with fanfares, replace with something new. New, but perforce cheap, and therefore usually inferior to the original; as with the paddling pool, and the walled gardens. One wonders what will eventually happen to the Madeira Terraces.

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