Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Cheltenham Place

This attractive terrace of small cottages is distinguished, like others in North Laine, by small front gardens and near continuous variation in frontages; bows, bays, canted bays, single & double height. Those of the cottages that have retained some greenery in their gardens are particularly attractive. It dates from 1840's and, being in a conservation area, any proposals for repairs or alterations are carefully scrutinised by the planning department. This is slightly ironic when one considers that, back in the 60's,  the whole area was under threat from proposals for an elevated roadway from Preston Circus to North Street; but I suppose one must let bygones be bygones.

One of the homeowners in Cheltenham Place, who, without planning permission,  recently replaced full height curved bays with plastic canted ones has now been served with a Council enforcement notice requiring him to :-

1. Remove the angle canted bay window from the front elevation.
2. Remove the uPVC windows from front elevation.
3. Reinstate round bay as original.
4. Reinstate paired curved single glazed painted timber sash windows, to match exactly the original.

A full report can be read on the Council's website here.

Thankfully, the need for  enforcement action such as this does seem fairly rare. Indeed one often sees planning applications where the proposal is to replace uPVC windows with those of the orignal design. 


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