Sunday, 12 September 2010

Motorcycle Sunday

No doubt a lot of real pleasure is to be had from motorcycling to the extent that enthusiasts are prepared to accept the risks involved, but it is not clear what additional enjoyment springs from the lemming-like gatherings we experience in Brighton from time to time. What is more, riders en masse do not behave with the same caution as solitary ones and, hearing some of them screaming north down the London Road this afternoon, it was no surprise when shortly afterwards they were followed by wailing police cars, then an ambulance and then a fire engine. 

The day had evidently ended in tragedy for someone somewhere near the bottom of Varndean Road; and all traffic along the A23 was blocked in both directions. Later on, the sedate pace of those diverted riders passing through Patcham showed that events had not left them untouched, but who knows how long the effect will last.

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