Friday, 24 September 2010

Nice view: shame about the house . . . .

Without the Clock Tower and the housing clutter beyond, this, no doubt, is still substantially the view that Thomas Attree will have beheld when he (or his servant) drew back his bedroom curtains of a morning.

Despite a huge public protest, and the fact that the then Historic Buildings Council classed the Attree Villa, designed by Sir Charles Barry, as an 'outstanding' Grade 2 listed building, it was demolished in 1972 by its owners, the Council, to escape the cost of maintenance. All that survives today is the classical Garden Temple and the Pepperbox.

Also designed by Barry elsewhere in the City: the Royal Sussex County Hospital also seems doomed to be demolished; this will leave only St.Peters, whose condition is still a cause for concern, and St. Andrews in Waterloo Street.

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