Monday, 4 October 2010

59 North Street

A quirky narrow property amongst all the stucco shows the late victorian influence of the Arts & Craft  and Revivalist styles. The ground floor is now a hairdresser but 50 years ago it was occupied by a gown shop with the owner living upstairs. Something about the roof and guttering seems to make it particularly attractive to plant life. It is only a few years ago that it was completely renovated,  and anti-pigeon spikes added, yet already the roof 'garden' is regenerating.

The raised lettering on the side of no. 62 seems to exemplify the Victorian age; solid, made to last, no flashy paper posters for them. It is also historically interesting, reminding us that once hats were big business and it was money from their manufacture and supply that provided the Wagners' fortune and helped to build Brighton's famous churches.  Harts later merged with Hobbs the mens' outfitters and subsequently they were taken over by Cobleys.

This group of buildings are not listed but lie just within the Old Town Conservation area and so enjoy some  measure of protection.

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