Friday, 15 October 2010

New England House

In this photo New England House (NEH) is the shabby, industrial tower complex, to the right of St. Bartholomew's and obscuring the view of the Victorian viaduct. (Click on the photo for an enlarged view). Prior to the 1960's when NEH was built, these two listed monuments to Victorian genius could be seen in splendid juxtaposition from this viewpoint on Albion Hill.

It is gratifying that the newly-developed station site to the left of the church, although criticised, seems at this distance to be quite sympathetic, and does not degrade the view to anywhere near the same extent.   One might have hoped that NEH, nearing the end of its economic life would soon be demolished, thus allowing a search for a better architectural solution for the site.

However it now seems the City Council has other ideas for NEH and is proposing renovation that will extend its life for another 40 years. Worse news is that it is also considering developing above the London Road Car Park, indentifiable in this photo by the low-rise, red-brick block of flats between St. Bartholomew's and NEH.

Another tall block even nearer to St. Bartholomew's would further diminish its unique scenic impact.

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