Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Work on the London Road Viaduct

In planning application BH2011/02884, Network Rail describes a number of defects on the London Road viaduct on the section between the Preston Road and Beaconsfield Road. The condition of the viaduct is said to present a safety hazard to the retail premises and members of the public below.

The businesses below are to be relocated while the remedial work is carried out. The work proposed seems quite extensive and includes; removal of vegetation and treatment of the roots, the replacement of missing, spalled or loose bricks and pier corbels, stitching of fractures, repointing, repair of cornices and the installation of lead flashings.

The arches involved stretch from the east side of Preston Road to the west side of Beaconsfield Road. Presumably Network Rail has to prioritise its maintenance programme. The crop of greenery seen here is just outside the zone and will evidently survive for the time being . . .

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