Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pavilion ice-skating for next 5 years

From a Council press release:-

A real ice rink in the grounds of Brighton’s Royal Pavilion is set to return for another five consecutive winters.
The council’s planning committee has given permission for the attraction to return between early November and the end of January until 2016.
It would include temporary buildings housing a restaurant, toilets and skate hire room.
All structures have to be removed by February 9 each year.
The first ice rink was installed between late October and late January last year.
There are small changes to details of the attraction.  The ice surface is slightly larger – 800 sq m rather than 700.   There will be a bigger public viewing area in front of the cafĂ©, plus a special photographic deck to the south of it.
Opening hours will be 10am to 10.30pm, with 250 people allowed on the ice at any one time.  Floodlighting has to be switched off by 11pm.
Planning officers advised councillors that the attraction should be permitted as it would be a boost to tourism and recreation without any long-term harm to the Pavilion.
Chair of the planning committee Cllr Phelim MacCafferty said:  “Against the backdrop of our city's famous and historic Pavilion, councillors have given the go-ahead for ice skating in the open air over the holiday season.
“We clearly feel this is a good thing to have when outdoor recreation opportunities are otherwise limited in the winter.
“It should boost the local economy by providing another reason for visitors to come to the city during these quieter months.  We’ve imposed strict conditions to make sure the grounds are reinstated so there’s no long-term harm.”

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