Thursday, 27 October 2011

'Vitrine' on White Night

If you intend to be out & about on Saturday evening don't forget to do some window-gazing in Bond Street & Gardner Street.

Film Co Lab has announced the list of moving image art works that will be screened in Brighton for the public art exhibition Vitrine, 11 Colourful Outside Jobs as part of White Night Brighton 2011:-

AL and AL, "I killed thousands of people last night and these are all the weapons I used" – 3D, (2009). Gresham Blake, 20 Bond Street.
Greta Alfaro, "In Ictu Oculi", (2009).
Fruity, 8 Gardner Street.
John Baldessari, "Six Colorful Inside Jobs", (1977).
artrepublic, 13 Bond Street.
Dara Birnbaum, "Mirroring" (1975).
Manor Cafe, 52 Gardner Street.
Herz Frank, "Ten Minutes Older" (Par Desmit Minutem Vecaks), (1978).
Wildcat, 6 Gardner Street.
Ian Helliwell, "Coloured Light District", (2002).
Infinity Foods Shop and Bakery, 25 North Road.
Olga Koroleva, "Dialogues: White Chocolate and Jesus, part 1", (2011).
Infinity Foods Cafe, 50 Gardner Street.
Jess MacNeil, "The Swimmers", (2009).
Temptation Cafe, 56 Gardner Street.
Jorge Santos, "(untitled)", (2011).
Badger Clothing, 25-26 Bond Street.
Richard Serra, "Hand Catching Lead", (1968).
Laste, 6 Bond Street.
Gillian Wearing, "Dancing In Peckham", (1994).
Capers, 27 Gardner Street. capers-brighton

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