Monday, 3 October 2011

Exciting times in Patcham Village

Early Sunday morning (2nd Oct) the driver of a Seat Alhambra travelling north on the A23 in a 30mph zone, lost control on the gentle, left-hand, downhill bend coming into Patcham Village, veered across the south-bound carriageway, took out a Pelican-crossing control cabinet, careered down a grassy bank, hit a parked Renault Megane, and then a Multipla, which it sent careering into the wall of the Grade II listed, Elizabethan Cottage Tandoori. It was finally bought to a halt by a parked Ford Mondeo. The bang of at least one of the collisions could be heard all over the village.

The impact of the Multipla with the wall which is solid and about 18 inches thick shattered the window and pushed in a section of the wall by about an inch.

The driver was stretchered off to hospital in a neck brace but according to the Argus was believed to be not seriously hurt. It is a matter of extreme good fortune that there were not any pedestrians in the area since they are not protected with seatbelts or air bags. 

I await with interest the court case and police report, in particular the driver's age . . . .

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  1. "Elizabethan Cottage Tandoori"!!

    I suspect the driver had just pooped out for a curry.


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