Monday, 14 February 2011

Patcham gets new elms

On Saturday 12th February 5 new elm saplings were planted in Patcham Village to replace the two mature elms lost last autumn to elm disease. They are spaced out along the curve from Ladies Mile Road to Old London Road. The furthest one is to the left of the blue wheelie bin. They were scheduled to be blessed the following day by the local vicar :p

Those who prefer to put their trust in science will be pleased to know that a disease-resistant variety was used.  Horticulturalists have produced this variety over the last 25 years by successive propagation from a single Suffolk tree. This was observed to be surviving while all around other elms were succumbing to the disease. (See Daily Telegraph report)

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  1. I do so think the blue wheelie bin sets off the whole assemblage.


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