Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Architectural fantasia

Red-brick and tile-hung gables of 'holiday Queen Anne' style erupt among Georgian stucco with a back drop provided by 21st century whimsy and 20th century stark modernism. 

The red-brick 'Lanes Hotel' in Marine Parade was built from 1879 onwards by architect Col. Robert Edis imitating the country-house style of his architect friend Norman Shaw. 

The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital behind was designed 2002-04 by the 'Building Design Partnership' to be in the form of an ark, with a "nautical theme" appropriate to a seaside location. Needless to say it is on much too large a scale for this to be appreciated by the casual street-level observer, let alone the young patients. However,  much care was taken to design the interior to comfort and entertain children, and its curved white corners do harmonise well with the surrounding stucco. 

The earlier 14 storey tower block of the hospital dates from 1970. On the left of the photo, in shadow, is the new Sussex Kidney Unit.

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  1. Beauty in the mix! It's not often we see the sights presented like this, therefore it's easy to forget the beauty our city has to offer in its wondrous mix.


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