Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The King & Queen (not)

One can entirely sympathise with public houses doing all they can to attract custom but the King & Queen management has surely blundered in putting up this banner so soon. Passers-by are hardly likely to remember this information for 3 months; and, even were the banner to remain, it will, by that time, be looking saggy and shabby.  If, on the other hand, they had delayed until the end of June, the banner would have the impact of immediacy and, by the time the 'powers-that-be' had realised it didn't have planning permission, the Olympics would be over.

The King lost half his Queen last year when she split longitudinally from head to feet. The remaining half was removed a few weeks ago. If the first half has not been spirited away by a souvenir hunter it will be a simple matter to join the two halves together again. Whatever, the pub is grade II listed in the Valley Gardens conservation area, and the King is looking very lonely. One hopes the Queen will be restored soon by any means.


  1. I noticed the Queen was missing and wondered if she'd been removed to effect repairs! How sad that she's gone missing.
    I agree that the amount of salt sea-spray the banner is likely to suffer, plus other climactic wear and tear and seagull abuse, will inevitably leave it looking very tatty by June if it's not replaced. And any impact then for wandering visitors / tourists will surely be diminished.

  2. Hurray Quedula! It let me publish my comment under my own name without a second thought this time! Cooking with gas! ;)

  3. Thanks Gigi, I'm don't know for sure what happened to the first half. Just speculating.


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