Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Festival Programme covers

Just over three years ago the first post on Brighton Bits was motivated by the simple desire to have a quick moan about the cover design of the Festival programme.  The guest director that year was Anish Kapoor and I likened his design to a "tide of gloom creeping over the city", suggestive of a then threatening recession. It may have been prophetic!

Mr Kapoor's other contributions to the 2009 Festival were more stimulating and he has since gone on to have an exhibition at the Royal Academy. One of his latest works is the landmark sculpture for the Olympic Park, "ArcelorMittal Orbit", see below.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

The cover for this year's programme is attractive and uncontroversial. It is based on a photograph by Victor Skerebneski of Vanessa Redgrave, this year's Guest Director. The design of cover image and programme is by  Harrison & Co. of Marlborough Place, Brighton.


  1. Oh yes, I remember getting the 2009 programme mailed to me here in Swansea, and thinking that something 'unpleasant' had been spilt on it!

    This years looks much nicer...

  2. I love this year's cover, with it's art deco-esque but undated vividness. I think it's eye-ctaching: definitive but welcoming to all; just as I think Brighton (ideally) is.
    I hadn't arrived here in time for the 2009 Festival programme: this is the first time I've really seen that cover. Eek. Eek!


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