Saturday, 3 March 2012

"Dreams of Here"

The current art exhibition at Brighton Art Gallery features the work of three living painters linked by their strong associations with Sussex. The differences between these three artists in terms of style, technique and subject matter is huge. Undeterred by this however, the anonymous writer of the publicity leaflet has done a splendid job in teasing out a common theme for the exhibition:

The leaflet declaims, "Brought together their work follows the course of a journey from a land of literal description, (Julian Bell, below) . . .

. . .Through the layered subtleties of sense perception (Tom Hammick, see left) . . .

. . . into the buried landscapes of our subconscious worlds.
(Andrezej Jackowski, below). My brackets throughout.

Entry is free, it is on until June 10th and well worth a visit.

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