Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Preston Park parking proposals

Following a public consultation the council has produced proposals for controlling parking within the park and for increasing usage of pay & display in Preston Park Avenue. Parking within the park will also become pay & display and will be confined to the Gallops and the southern section of the Ride, both shown in red. The section in blue will be restricted to pedestrians with the exception of 3 spaces for disabled drivers.

Parking within the park will be limited to a maximum period of 6 hours at a charge of £3 but in the southern section of Preston Park Avenue the maximum period allowed will be increased from 4 hours to 11 hours at a charge of £5.

The proposals are intended to discourage commuters and other non park-users from using the Park as a free car park at the same time providing pay & display alternatives in Preston Park Avenue. There will be more spaces within the park for park users as a result. The changes are intended to be self-funding with any surplus being ring-fenced for use in the park itself.

A report containing these proposals will be considered by the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Cabinet Member Meeting on January 24.

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