Monday, 30 January 2012

The Greenway bridge 'locomotive'- update

The life-sized metal silhouette of an early steam locomotive to be installed on the Greenway bridge seems to be nearing realisation. See earlier posts:- 'Ghost' train chugging closer . . .  & 'Locomotive' art-work for the Greenway bridge.

The piece is now complete in Jon Mill's workshop and is expected to be installed later this year at a date to be confirmed.

A final stage in the project will be the council entering a licence agreement with landowners Network Rail.

Cabinet councillor for culture Geoffrey Bowden said: “This is a fitting memorial to the railway works – a huge and often unknown aspect of the city’s history.

“It’s also an achievement to have put this stretch of railway back into use - replacing one eco-friendly form of transport with another and providing some intriguing new views of the city."

A report on the final steps of the project will go to the next of Councillor Bowden’s regular decision-making meetings on February 7.

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