Tuesday 5 April 2011

Parking (not) in Preston Park Avenue

If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can just see the first 3 of the 9 parking meters that line the west side of Preston Park Avenue. I suppose the cost of installing 9 meters is pretty insignificant in the big scheme of the multi-million pound City Council budget, but did no one consider that, if you wanted to stop parking here,  double yellow lines would have been a much cheaper solution?

It seems from the Friends of Preston Park website here that three Councillors for the park have agreed that the possibility of a reduction in parking charges should be looked at. Is this the working party that was promised back in October last year? They seem to be taking it very calmly. Are there no red faces? No explanations or apologies? It is, after all, a quite extraordinary miscalculation.


  1. No one parks in these spaces because they are parking free in the park and creating a right ugly mess. The council should stop parking in the parking and then the scheme above would make sense

  2. I suspect it will only 'make sense' if they introduce a very low all-day rate. Not an economic use of parking meters. The pay-back time would be too long.

  3. The whole thing is a disgrace. Parking should be available to Park users at no charge whether inside or outside of the Park. Hundreds of people use it, often taking several children and elderly people by car. Stanmer park access has been ruined due to anti-traveller interventions and now Preston park too. As I said. Disgraceful!An overnight limit might reduce the long term parkers, but please let us not punish the residents in this area who moved here after all to enjoy a suburban life, and not an inner-city parking scheme. Please don't cost us any more!!!


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