Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hove Station footbridge

The recent refurbishment of Hove Station, which included the installation of glazed panels to the canopies, has produced a great improvement in station users' experience.  However, it has thrown into even sharper relief the shabby state of the pedestrian footbridge, which still seems to flourish the grime of the age of steam. One wonders, in fact, if it has ever been cleaned and repainted in the 100+ years of its existence. 

There are periodic calls for "something to be done", the latest in February by Green councillor Alex Phillips, and the Brighton & Hove Green Party has set up a petition which to date has  received just 14 signatures. The maintenance of the Grade II listed, victorian footbridge, which is a public right-of-way, is in fact the responsibility of the City Council. It will be interesting to see how the Greens, now that they are the largest party on the Council, intend to respond to their own petition.

One can see the difficulties. Although it is a public right of way, the exterior of the bridge can only be accessed from Network Rail property, and that with difficulty. It will not be a quick or cheap undertaking but it will surely need to be tackled soon.

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