Friday, 10 June 2011

The changing face of Kingsway 3

A planning application (BH2011/01120) has been submitted for the demolition and redevelopment of the Lawnscroft Nursing Home on the southeast corner of Princes Crescent with Kingsway The existing building is now in a much worse condition to that shown above. All the windows are out and there appears to have been a fire on the first floor.

The proposed replacement building is in brick, cream render, with stainless steel and glass balustrades It is  designed by DWA Architects. On Kingsway its 5 storeys takes it to the same height as the neighbouring Princess Marina hotel. On Princes Crescent it steps down to 3 storeys. Perhaps the overhanging roofs look rather awkward but otherwise it turns the corner neatly and harmonises well with the neighbouring buildings. 

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  1. It may be the same height (and bulk) as the hotel, which replaced a large house, but it is much higher and bulkier than the houses on Princes Crescent. The trouble is that when the next planning application comes in this and the hotel will be the reference point and you'll get height and bulk creep.

    In no time the gentler, smaller, domestic sized (admittedly largish)build will be the exception and we will all be wondering how it happened.

  2. I am afraid that objection wouldn't have wings. The block on the opposite corner of Princes Crescent (southwest) is alreeady higher at 8 storeys.

  3. You see it's happening already. Creep that is.

  4. The previous planning application (with unused consent)had a totally impractical entrance in Princes Crescent which would not have worked for emergency vehicles as I recall. It baffled me at plannning at the time.

    I wonder why they did not use their consent and have gone to the expense of a whole new application. New owners perhaps.

    Valerie Paynter


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