Friday 6 May 2011

Hove Station - then & now

The Italianate-styled nearer building dates from 1865 when the station was called Cliftonville after the area that was being developed south of the coastal railway line and west of Brunswick Town. There was already a station called "Hove" on the Brighton-Shoreham line at Holland Road. In 1879 the "Cliftonville spur" was built which connected the coastal line with the main London-Brighton line without the need to go into Brighton Station. In 1893 the further red-brick building was erected and the name of the station changed to Hove.

2011. Very little has changed over the succeeding 100 or so years, except the local transport. The nearer building has lost its canopy and is no longer in station use. The distant building is still the ticket office. Hove Railway Station including the footbridge, is Grade II listed. 


  1. I recall there was an Odeon or Rank cinema just around the corner from the station which later became a bowling alley. I used to got on at Portslade station and go to the Saturday morning pictures at Hove.

  2. You are absolutely right. I had forgotten. There is now a Mail Depot in that corner.


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