Friday, 3 June 2011

149/151 Kingsway, Hove

In September last year Council officers were in contact with the owner of the left-hand pair of these  semi-detached properties on Kingsway asking them to improve the appearance of their property. See post here. It now appears that some action is imminent. A planning application BH2011/01435 has been submitted for loft conversions with dormer windows matching those previously created on the right-hand pair of properties, nos.145/147. Also, the garage at no.149 is to be converted to an habitable room with the addition of a bow-window to match that already formed at no.151 (just visible on extreme left).

It almost seems as if the hopes I expressed in my earlier post "The changing face of Kingsway" have been taken into consideration, and that the future of these survivors, amongst all the apartment blocks, will be assured for a little longer. Sooner or later they may become as much admired for their period features as Regency architecture is today.


  1. I hope they retain the porthole window!

  2. Yes, so do I. I'll have another look at the plans. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Good news. The porthole windows are shown as to be retained in both 149 & 151.


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