Friday, 17 June 2011

Extinguished splendour

The former Royal Newburgh Assembly Rooms, 1 St. Margaret's Place, appear not to have been touched since the 1960's. At that time it had been divided into a number of flats and when the massive Metropole redevelopment took place this Grade II listed building was thoroughly restored and repainted. According to Carder, the building is now only a shell, the interior forming part of the Metropole Exhibition Halls; which would of course, account for its forelorn appearance. 

The Assembly Room was built by Amon Henry Wilds,  and William IV is said to have attended the opening. They became a social centre for the western town for many years and once had a splendid ballroom attached at the far end. This was demolished in the 1960's to be replaced by the service entrance just visible at the right of the photo.

The doorway seen to the left of the photo is to 31 Cannon Place (also listed). In the Council's list of listed buildings there is also mention of a no. 32 which appears to have disappeared. I wonder if anyone has told them?


  1. How can you write so dispassionately about this. It's such a waste. Bring back hanging for town planners and private developers.

  2. I don't FEEL dispassionate . . . . :(

  3. Correction: the two building shown are numbers 31 & 32 Cannon Place. It is no. 33 to the extreme left that has disappeared.

  4. Does anybody know what Newburg Hall, 31 Cannon Place, Brighton, was used as in 1905?


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