Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Van Alen and the Giant Wheel

This view from the Palace Pier shows, in the right foreground, the south-west corner of Daltons Bastion. This bastion will be extended 8.4 metres southwards to receive the Wheel. When the wheel is built a western arc of it will obtrude into the right of the picture obscuring part of the Van Alen from this angle of view. Apparently there were no objections from architectural aficionados on this particular point. 

It is interesting to note that this photo was taken from a point on the pier approximately twice as far away from the Van Alen as  the Wheel will be but with a magnification of approximately 5 times. This photograph therefore gives a 2.5 times better view into the balconies than the riders of the Wheel will get. One is surprised the residents don't want to ban walking on the Pier!


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  1. I suppose you'd call that an end of the pier peek show:"What the butler saw".


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