Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The seafront 'paintathon' has begun . . .

Work started at the Palace Pier only a few days ago and seems to have progressed along the promenade at a great rate. So for a little while the railings will look a lot better. Perhaps this is the most one can hope for when dealing with cast-iron in a seaside location.


  1. Faded Seaside Glamour - what a joy. Nothing too new or freshly buffed up: looks so un lived in.

    My favourite faded seaside town is Sorrento, followed by Le Touquet. Just thinking of those places I get a whiff of adultery, old lechers,dodgy haircuts and Brylcreem. Bit like Brighton really - in the 1950's of course.

  2. I've not been to either but you paint a very vivid word picture :)))
    Isn't there a song about Sorrento?

  3. Apparently there is. It's "Torna a Surriento" (thank you Google).

    Just down the road is Amalfi, home of the duchess, it is a lovely place, where we met a printer who made his own paper. It wasn't faded just full of expectant tourists.


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