Friday, 1 April 2011

A 'Central Park' for Brighton?

In the section of its manifesto "Environment & Neighbourhood" Brighton & Hove Labour Party says:-
". . . it wants the City to have its own 'Central Park' and will work to bring forward proposals for a major scheme to enhance and improve Valley Gardens where what are currently giant traffic islands could be linked up to create continuous, safe and useable green space that reduces the impact of traffic, better connects to the North Laine and provides a more suitable setting for historic St. Peter's church."

Brighton Bits says, "Exactly. The traffic flows should be reorganised to reduce the number of crossing points; the gardens increased in size by the removal of underused pavement, and the gardens landscaped around a central, sightly meandering path to keep pedestrians at maximum separation from the traffic."

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  1. For Green councillors sorting out the green spaces of the Valley Gardens has been a goal for many years. We got plans for them included in the city's core strategy (10 year blueprint).

    And it's in our manifesto this year too, as one of our top 13 priorities:

    "11. Link together the green spaces of Old Steine, Victoria Gardens and St Peter’s Church and re-route the traffic in Valley Gardens. To create a vibrant new public park for the city centre."

    Full Green manifesto at

  2. Gosh, my councillors don't comment on my postings. Mind you since much is nonsense I wouldn't expect them to waste their time and my money reading me!

    I'm sorry but I love the extra wide pavements. I can just imagine some Regency beau prancing along with a couple of refined ladies in tow.

  3. You have a strong imagination M. bearing in mind the buses thundering by within inches ;)

  4. As long as you have traffic on both sides, and the green spaces are exposed to the sitting traffic of congested buses and taxis it will not be an enjoyable experience to use the area. The seafront or other secluded green spaces offer a much better experience.
    The only option is to put traffic on one side only (the East is the only option because of the position of the Pavilion), to remove roads from the other side, and to strongly shield the traffic from the green spaces with heavy planting or a wall.
    Anything else is just tinkering and would make little difference.


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