Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Kent's Court

1898 map.
St.Paul's church is in the bottom RH corner.
South-east corner with Russell Street 

Kent's Court was one of a warren of cul-de-sacs that had existed for about 100 years between Russell Street and West Street. Those opening on to West Street went with road-widening in the 30's; those on Russell Street were demolished, with Russell Street,  for the Churchill Square development.

Kent's Court first appears in an 1846 street directory apparently accommodating only a "Coal and Marine Dealer". It is later described as containing "small tenements". In 1898 18 properties were occupied and included a blacksmith and a french polisher.

By 1958 the Calvinist Chapel had become the "Halliwell Memorial Hall", the sole occupier of the Court. The wholesale butcher shown in the photos extended along the south side of the Court but had an address in Russell Street.

The site of Kent's Court now lies under the easterly shops of Churchill Square lower mall about where Lakeland is.

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  1. wow i remember the meat merchants as a child ,behind st pauls school


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