Sunday, 27 December 2015

Horsdean site underway.

Work by Westridge Construction Ltd. started in September and is due for completion next June. It included boring under the A27 to connect the new permanent and existing transit Traveller sites to the wider sewerage network. This phase was due for completion about now, weather permitting.

View from the west

View from the south

View from the east

Access site in Horsdean Rec. for sewer-pipe boring. 

Improved barriers to Horsdean Recreation ground which has frequently had incursions of travellers. 
The project is being funded by a grant from Department of Communities & Local Government (originally £1.73M).

The costs to the city of dealing with unauthorised encampments over the last few years has been many hundreds of thousands of pounds. But that was for many more caravans or motor homes than the expanded Horsedean is designed to cope with. Horsdean will surely be fully-occupied by van-dwellers in all-year-round need. If despoilation of parks and open spaces is to be significantly reduced, new methods will have to be found for dealing with travellers just in search of a cheap holiday. The costs to the city look likely to continue.

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