Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Aquarium Terraces development approved

The city council’s planning committee today approved planning
application BH2015/02443 to redevelop and renovate the Aquarium Terraces, above Brighton’s Sea Life Centre.

It will see seven vacant units replaced with modern and sustainable buildings  to create a café, restaurants and Soho House members’ club. The new buildings will have large areas of glazing and green roofs.  Historic buildings and structures would be retained and refurbished, along with balustrading and iron railings.

An oval glass pavilion on the lower level of the site would be demolished to create a new café. The circular building on the upper level (shown above) will also be demolished and replaced with two new pavilions with a 10 metre gap between them.

The cafe and restaurants would be open to the public, while the members’ club would have a bar, open air plunge pool, changing rooms and a terraced area.

Under a planning agreement, the council has secured from the company £50,000 to improve transport locally – including real-time sign boards at three bus stops, plus better footways and cycle parking.

A further £32,000 would go to boost local employment and the developer would detail an employment and training strategy.  It would also undertake to maintain current pedestrian access to and across the site.

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