Sunday, 8 March 2015

Will we get a 'Puget's Lane'?

Architects' visualisation 
Next month the planning committee will be asked to decide applications BH2015/00575 & 6 for the demolition of the grade II listed 15 North Street (Timpsons) and the creation of a pedestrian link to the new Hanningtons Lane , which already has planning permission.

The gap provided by the demolition will be partly filled by a curved corner building (illustrated on the left) to provide a small retail unit on the ground floor and two flats extending into 14 North Street above. Pedestrians in North Street will be able to glimpse Puget's Cottage further down the Lane.  Pedestrians in the Lane and approaching North Street will see Chapel Royal framed by the Lane entrance.

Puget's Cottage behind will be fully restored externally. Other retail units will be provided opposite the Cottage at the rear of 16 North Street.

The other options considered and discounted are:-
  1. Widen the existing narrow alleyway to the east of no.15 by demolishing part of 14 North Street. This would unbalance the frontage of no.14 and require a dog-leg in the passage-way which would not be inviting to the casual passer-by.
  2. Provide a passageway through the ground-floor of no.15. This would seriously impair the architectural integrity of the building and be a focus for anti-social activity.
  3. Demolish part of 16 North Street which shares a party wall with no. 15. This would require practically rebuilding no.15.
The value of an attractive gateway to Hannington Lane and the rest of the Lanes at this point in North street cannot be overstated. No.15  is visually undistinguished and in poor condition, but is interesting on account of its age and is listed.  

The planning committee has a difficult decision to make.

East elevation of the proposed Puget's Lane

Architects: the Morgan Carn Partnership, Stanford Avenue, Brighton.

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