Monday, 9 March 2015

The Valley Gardens scheme - latest

The latest report on the Valley Gardens scheme, which received £8m of government funding last month, goes to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on March 17. If approved, detailed technical design of road layouts and landscaping can begin and tendering invited from contractors.

The  scheme has at its core a radical simplification of of the roads layout as shown on the right. This is aimed at speeding up public transport and improving the cycling & pedestrian experience. It will also release marginally more open space and should reduce pollution.

The key elements involve routing general through traffic along the east side of the valley with buses, taxis and local traffic in a ‘park road’ to the west. There would be an improved network of cycle lanes and pedestrian routes. Car journey times should not increase since this is dictated by the capacity of junctions outside the scheme, not road space.  

Hundreds of trees will be planted, and green space increased to improve and revitalise the gardens. A new fountain will be sited in front of St. Peter's and southwards, a Sustainable Urban Drainage system, featuring street swales and water gardens, will help the city accommodate the impact of flash rainfall.  Also planned is a natural rill which will enhance wildlife habitats and reflect the Valley’s historic winterbourne characteristics. 


  1. the roads simply wont be able to cope with the traffic and as for the new view from the king and queen who will be maintaining these gardens and walkways because the present ones rarely get tidied up and will all the current street drinkers who inhabit the area in the warmer months be moved on?

  2. I think you are being a tad pessimistic. There is little doubt that bus journeys will be faster with more convenient stops, For other traffic, according to the expects, the effect is expected to be largely neutral, since traffic flows are determined by pre-existing constraints outside the scheme area.

    The gardens I am sure will be designed with low maintenance plantings and, I suppose, paths will be swept and street drinkers moved on as frequently as they are now.


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