Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Palladium

The Palladium on King's Road was opened as the Alhambra theatre in 1888, converted to a cinema in 1914, closed in 1956 and demolished for the building of the Brighton Centre in 1963. On the left was Russell Street.

When a south-west gale was blowing it was very difficult to use the front doors and customers were invited to enter at the side door in Whitehall Yard on the right.

The site is now covered by the eastern end of the Brighton Centre 


  1. The building on the right in the top photo, with the curved glass, was used as the estate agents shop in the film Jigsaw. This was shortly before the whole lot was demolished.

    Tarted up they would still look much nicer than the buildings that replaced them....

  2. How interesting! Yes it was a fine building. I've got 'Jigsaw' on DVD. I must have another look at it.


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