Thursday, 26 February 2015

Removal of the Mazda fountain.

As part of the proposed Valley Gardens redevelopment scheme the current plan is to remove the Mazda Fountain. There are several reasons for this decision:-
  • The Mazda Fountain has no inherent historic connection to Valley Gardens – it was designed for the British Empire Exhibition in London.
  • Because the Fountain was designed for a very different environment, it is not particularly suited to the Valley Gardens context.
  • The inefficient operation of the fountain is inconsistent with principles of sustainable water management.
  • Better use could be made of money currently spent operating and maintaining the fountain – potentially this money could contribute to a more efficient water feature designed for the Valley Gardens context.
  • The current fountain takes up a large amount of space that could be better used for other purposes.
The new fountain / water feature proposed would be situated in front of St Peters and include a shallow, low maintenance and ecologically beneficial rill running through the area.

See also: The Mazda Fountain.


  1. if it was put back to how it should be in its former glory and all lit up it would be a great focal point to valley gardens and should be left where it is!

  2. Takes up to much room that's a joke.Let remove it so the lady boys can make a bigger mess of the gardens. Brighton council are a joke


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