Friday, 20 February 2015

Carlton Hill development.

In a series of earlier posts Brighton Bits inveighed against a proposed development (see BH2012/04086/7) on Carlton Hill mainly with reference to the proposed demolition of an ancient flint wall.

Earlier design
Although the earlier application was approved by the planning committee the architects have commendably returned to the drawing board to take account of comments by the Conservation Advisory Group and the Brighton Society.

New design
In the latest application, BH2015/00333, the use of render and pitched roofs, with a ridge line that is “stepped” to reflect changes in gradient, has produced a design more respectful of the surrounding conservation area and neighbouring listed buildings.

There is also an improved layout for the office space making it more attractive to users. It is estimated to have a greater employment potential than the existing buildings on the site.

Unfortunately the old flint wall is doomed but the proposed replacement looks much better than that originally proposed and similar to many Victorian/Edwardian flint and brick walls to be seen around Brighton.

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