Monday, 1 July 2013

Portslade poppies

I can never pass up the opportunity for an alliterative title.

70 years ago near here stood New England farmhouse. The name is preserved in a nearby street. Then, this was still solid 'Broomfield' country and that name is preserved in another nearby street. New England farm was occupied by Henry Broomfield, eldest son of Martin, who up until his retirement c.1900 occupied Portslade Farmhouse in the village. Half a mile to the south overlooking what is now Sainsburys a younger son Harold had a pig farm. This always seemed somewhat incongruous as Harold was very 'camp' and as charming and friendly as Henry was gruff and unwelcoming. Another branch of the Broomfield family occupied the Stonery, just north of the village and now demolished.

Looking towards Foredown Tower
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