Monday, 22 July 2013

Grant to restore the Pavilion Saloon.

James Tingle after Augustus Charles Pugin

A landmark project to conserve and restore the Royal Pavilion Saloon has received a significant boost, with grants of £100,000 from The Monument Trust, and £50,000 from the J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust. This means that the Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation is now well on its way to achieving the project’s fundraising target. A public appeal is planned for this Autumn. The Saloon is the centrepiece of the Royal Pavilion. This project will fund vital conservation work, and recreate the Saloon’s dazzling decorative scheme in gold, silver and crimson.

Completed in 1823, King George IV wanted the Saloon to inspire a sense of amazement and awe in his visitors. The impact of this restoration will be that, once again, the Royal Pavilion’s 350,000 visitors per year will step into a room of breathtaking beauty, and experience a rich sense of its history.

The 1823 etching above with aquatint, printed in colours and hand coloured is in the Royal Collection having been bought by George V for £42 in 1928.

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