Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cycle 'hub" for Brighton Station

Plans for a 3-storey Cycle Hub in Mangalore Way have been approved by the Planning Committee. (Application no. BH2012/03872). It will be built above the embankment shown in the photo above with a floor for secure cycle parking level with the Station concourse above. 420 extra cycle spaces will be created. 

On the top floor will be showers, changing rooms, a cafe and a north-facing terrace. Also at the north end will be stairs and a lift large enough to hold a bike or a wheelchair to give access to the station concourse from Mangalore Way. 

The application also mentions re-opening the staircase shown in the photo but it is not made clear where this will lead to.

Views before & after looking south at concourse level.
The Hub will also accommodate a cycle repair shop. Building equipment will be situated in a lower ground floor in the space created by the slope of the existing bank.

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