Monday, 18 June 2012

State of Mind: A Consciousness Expo

The Expo, hosted in central Brighton at the magnificent Corn Exchange complex, will feature an interactive showcase of new technologies that exploit and explore many aspects of consciousness, perception, and human experience. Exhibits will have a strong interactive component allowing you to be immersed in, and to learn about, different aspects of your own conscious experience and their biological basis. There will also be plentiful opportunities to talk with the scientists, technologists, and artists investigating consciousness from their many differing perspectives.

State of Mind will have a strong focus on the core theme of consciousness science, with exhibits covering topics such as: introspection, mind-bending visual illusions, striking scientific images of the brain, sensory substitution devices, impossible objects, myths, morphs and memes, virtual-reality environments, bio-feedback, eye-tracking, and much, much more.

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