Wednesday 16 February 2011

'Locomotive' art-work for the Greenway bridge

The northern section of the NEQ Greenway is finally open (see earlier post), and the Argus reports that the long-awaited public art-work by local metal sculptor Jon Mills is ready to be craned into position. The work is based on the 1847 steam locomotive, Jenny Lind, built at the Brighton Railway Works for the London, Brighton & Southcoast Railway.

 This is the view which it will largely obscure but one can't have everything I suppose . . .

More fascinating details of this project can be seen on Jon Mill's blog.

Other examples of Jon Mills' work that can be seen around Brighton are his unique sign posts on the seafront and the metal railings on the corner of Preston Park Avenue and Stanford Avenue.


  1. The Jenny Lind loco is now installed (Nov 2013). I have been walking along this green way once a week and have often wondered who knows about it. It is a lovely space, especially with the wild flower section at the south end. Where will it go if it is extended further north? (i.e. beyond the bridge)

  2. That's good news. I must take a look. Is the lighting working?
    The Council seems to have kept very quiet about it.
    I suppose that if extended northwards the Greenway would pass the Rockery and end up at Millers Road. As far as I know however there are no plans for this.


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