Saturday, 5 November 2011

The lower promenade shelter hall

This photo shows the semi-circular hall at the bottom of West Street shortly after it was opened in 1887. The interior was beautifully decorated and comfortably furnished to enable up to 500 visitors enjoy views of the beach and sea in relative comfort in bad weather.

The photo below shows it as it is today, still largely intact. It is decorated on the outside with some fine heads of Neptune just below the railings. It is interesting to note the change in character of the beach clutter.

However the octagonal kiosk above is showing the effects of 125 years of exposure to salt-laden gales. It still has the original decorative cast-iron work, probably cast in one of Brighton's several Victorian foundries but, by its condition, it looks as if it will not be around for much longer. I would like to see the ironwork removed and conserved, new moulds taken, re-castings made and re-erected on the kiosk. 
No harm in wishing I suppose . . . .

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