Friday, 15 July 2011

Mannock House

An earlier post, "The Preston Barracks site" dealt briefly with the history of the remaining buildings on this site with reference to the City Council's consultation on the, "Lewes Road: Preston Barracks and University of Brighton Planning Brief". This consultation is now closed but an interesting postscript is provided by a  constructive comment added to the "Development Principles" section. It seem worthy of further publicity:-

"With regard to the potential retention of MANNOCK HOUSE I would like to draw the planners' attention to my business very nearby, Brighton Electric Studios, 43-45 Coombe Terrace (Lewes Rd) we are within 100 metres of the development site. We are a large successful professional studio complex needing to expand. We have proposed that Mannock house be renovated & converted internally into a studio complex, containing production studios, recording facilities, retail & bar areas. We work with local charities & educational bodies & are very over-subscribed in our current 6000sq.ft. premises in Tramway House. This business success shows how a period property (Mannock house was constructed in the same few years as Tramway House) can be sympathetically internally converted into contemporary media industry usage without affecting the exterior. We will create new jobs, opportunities & business for Brighton that we are currently losing to London. We will submit a full proposal if there is further interest from the Council."

All public comments on "Development Principles" in the Planning Brief press for the retention of the existing historical buildings. One hopes the Council planners will now be minded to amend Scenario B to ensure retention of the Mannock.

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