Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Council approves Option 2 for the Level

Option 2 with the skate park moved to north of the rosewalk
Following publication of the results of the Level Consultation Cllr Pete West, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability has approved the ‘Option 2’ proposals and given the go-ahead to apply for funding which could see the Level completely transformed.

The council will now finalise and submit its final and competitive second round bid for £2.1 million funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund through their Parks for People grant scheme. The result will be announced in January 2012. See Council press release.

Option 2 requires relocation of the skate park from the southern section to allow a more faithful restoration of the 1930s layout. Moved to the north of the rosewalk the new skate park will be largely sunken to minimise visual intrusion and will only reduce the total open space of the north section by about one-sixth.  Coupled with that it is intended that the presently gravelled triangle be returned to grass so the net effect  will be a bigger area of grass than there is at present.

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