Monday, 10 January 2011

Black Rock: then & now

At Black Rock the chalk cliffs from the east dive below layers of sandy gravel & coombe rock producing an area susceptible to rapid erosion by sea & weather. By 1897 the coast road had been fenced off and traffic diverted to the purpose-built Roedean Road to the north. Seen at the extreme left is the end wall of Seaview Terrace, beyond which were the Abergavenny Arms and Black Rock House, set slightly farther back. All three properties were purchased by the Council in 1928 and demolished to reinstate the coast road which opened in 1932 as "Grand Crescent" but is now known as Marine Drive. The low building in the left middle distance is the "Bungalow Station" of the Volk's Railway situated somewhat to the east of the present station.

The present day photo is probably taken slightly further inland than the first but some features can still be identified: namely the corner of the sea-wall below the cliff, the curve of the road in the middle distance and the fall of the land beyond  the Marina access ramp. 

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